An autobiographical narrative of M. C. Mehta’s illustrious career fighting for the public
A collection of M. C. Mehta’s wisdom, anecdotes and legal stratagems
A unique compilation of the judgments and orders in 18 public interest cases

"Of the many environmental books I have read over the past number of years, this is the one that will be used by this academic as a powerful teaching tool to illustrate to my students how the law, in the hands of the right individuals, be they judges, lawyers or parliamentarians can improve our prospects for a brighter future."
--Dr. Michael Jeffery, Macquarie University

"Environment law personified. A story of commitment and dedication that covers all aspects of investigation and preparation leading to judicial decisions".
--Hon. Justice Saleem Akhtar, Supreme Court of Pakistan

"Mr. Mehta is a warrior leading battle in the courts as an adept and eminent environmentalist lawyer. He is a great protector and dedicated lover of all of God's creation, and, in ensuring the continuity of these concerns, and educator for the young lawyers of South Asia."
--Hon. Justice Shiranee Tilawardane, Supreme Court of Sri Lanka

"Albert Einstein observed that only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. M.C. Mehta has dedicated his adult life to serving others. Selflessly, steadfastedly and assiduously, M.C. Mehta has championed the rights of present and future generations through the courts. His life is exemplary. This is his compelling story."
--Hon. Chief Judge Brian J. Preston, Land and Environment Court of New South Wales
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